'younguns,come back often, Aunt  Martha is in charge, no tellin'
What you will find. Just keep on clicking, there will be song lyrics
on here later-- written by-   Maude Lowe,also more photos of friends, so drop in often-- Aunt Martha loves 'ye
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Welcome,  I'm Maude Lowe  a former radio and tv personality,known as Aunt Martha.
I have grown into my act. Living alone since my husband Toby Lowe passed away in 1998. You will see a lot of photos of us on here.Also my brother Glen Smith a fiddle player.  We grew up in Galax Va. A small town ,but  every year in August  all the motels 
filled for miles around,A week of oldtime music.The worlds largest fiddlers convention. I have a  lot of memories there.We  won a lot of prizes also. 
Let's go back in time to the 60's Listen to our band " The Dixie Ramblers"

Who----Weeee !!!!!!
'gest listen to that oldtime music "
Aunt Martha says'

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Glen Smith
Aunt Martha

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