Glen and I grew up listening to our dad play the banjo. We  needed our own entertainment, a battery radio was all we had-- We were poor but didn't know it.My dad worked hard on the farm,
at 12 noon he would come in for lunch,turn on that radio to hear Charlie Monroe a program called The Noon Day Jambroee.Somehow Glen managed to buy me a Jumbo Gibson Guitar,I still have it.We started entertaining when I was 14- Low Gap, N.C. Was our favorite place to play.we met some of the nicest people there,and two of my best friends, I am so thankful I still have them.
Melrose and Cora mae Ramey .You will see photos later.
My brother and I played music during my teen years-- Then I met amd married a great musician
Toby Lowe,the music went on. So you see my whole life has been music.Since Toby passed away I am into song writing just a hobby,You will see some of my writing on here, It would be great to hear someone singing my song. Also I'm writing a book,I love to write.

                 Hope you enjoy the photos--those were the good old days,also the next page will be
 My husband and I.Toby Lowe ,we had 52 years of fun and music.

                  just wanted to let you know a  little about us.If you would like some of the oldtime fiddling.just E-mail me, I really don't know how much of his music is available, but I can find out for you .    
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                                            Aunt Martha, loves 'ye

Maude-- Glen--  & Dad
Glen Smith
Aunt Martha

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