Sharing some memories with you 
 Like opening  the first radio station in our little hometown,Galax, Va. one morning 6 am-- WBOB AM .a long with some friends , Smiling Jim Eanes,
Carl Duckett was the Dj and maybe the Mgr. there for a while. It was early for me to play that guitar, but my brother Glen Smith would have played  all night, he loved his fiddle. At that time Larry Richardson played in our band, then while we were playing in Middletown Ohio, we met Bobby Osborne.And what a great duet he and Larry made.They recorded, Pain In My Heart. Toby  and I
came back to Galax,Va. Bobby Osborne is one of the  greatest bluegrass musicians I have ever known. Our band was selected to play for the  Queen of
England,that was in 1957-an honor for us, wonder how she liked our  music?
       We always put together an oldtime band for the Galax fiddlers conventiion.We played country, bluegrass --and one time ,a little 8 piece 
 Orchestra.Played a night club called Carrollwood .A doctor friend of ours named our band -- The Bandmasters-- after I retired I wouldn't punish the public with my singing, So now I am living alone and writing songs. I would really like to hear from anyone who might remember the Orchestra??? I could-
keep on talking ,I will wait to hear from any of my friends or anyone who would like to  E-mail me.   You will find my address on any of the pages here
just click on it-- let me know you have been here --OK???
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